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To retain our present customers and attract new ones in today’s highly competitive market, we need to continually improve the level of service we provide to our customers and to stay in touch with our customers needs.
After a survey of our customers in January 2014, we changed the way we receive testimonials and feedback.
We did this to monitor and improve our service standards and learn more about our customers experiences with our company and how these experiences may assist to better meet our obligations and outperform our customers expectations.

The link to our customer feedback form can be found by following the link.

Customer Feedback Form

We currently focus on our 10 key customer performance indicators

* Ease of quotation / booking / confirmation:
* Office staff prompt / punctual / timely:
* Office staff skill / helpfulness / enthusiasm:
* Vehicle prompt / punctual / timely:
* Vehicle quality / comfort / reliability:
* Vehicle presentation / inside / outside:
* Driver skill / helpfulness / enthusiasm:
* Drivers presentation / attire / cleanliness:
* Cost / charges / value for money:
* Overall experience:

We ask our customers to rate their experience in 5 grades.

* Dissappointed
* Below Expection
* Met Expectation
* Exceeded Expectation
* Outstanding

We also include free text for our customers to share their thoughts and provide additional information.

* Share any positive experiences:
* Share any negative experiences:
* Would you book with us again:
* Additional feedback

We encourage our customers to use the form to share their experiences both good and bad, so we can continue to provide the level of service that our customers have come to expect and count on which will assist us in meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.

Together, with our staff and customers, we can continue to live up to Compass Tours and Penrith Bus Company's established reputation.