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To board Compass Tours Vehicles your mobility aid should be able to:


  • Turn 180 degrees within an area 2070mm by 1540mm;
  • Cross a horizontal gap up to 40mm wide;
  • Mount a vertical rise (bump) up to 12mm;
  • Cross grating gaps up to 13mm wide and 150mm long;
  • Negotiate a 1:14 grade ramp unassisted;
  • Negotiate up to a 1:8 grade where the ramp is less than 1520mm; and
  • Negotiate a 1:4 grade ramp with assistance.

Mobility Aid Dimensions

Your mobility aid needs to:

  • Fit within an allocated space of 1300mm by 800mm;
  • Be no more than 750mm wide at a height 300mm above the ground;
  • Weigh less than 300kg including the aid, occupant and assistant (if applicable) when using a ramp or other boarding devices.


Your mobility aid needs to:

  • Be able to move in the direction determined by the transport operator; and
  • Have effective braking systems to maintain stability.



Low_Floor_008_(Copy)Accessible Travel
Compass Tours and Penrith Bus Company are committed to providing an accessible bus service to our customers. This is provided through easy access buses and services for hearing, vision and mobility impaired users. 
Compass Tours fleet includes easy access vehicles for people with reduced mobility. "Easy access" means there are no steps, so getting into and out of the bus is easier for everyone.

Our fleet comprises of an easy access minibus, bus and coach . Each of these vehicles is equipped with an extendable ramp, a wide front entrance, and space in the minibus, bus or coach to accommodate wheelchairs or prams.

For customers with mobility issues, our driver will put down the ramp or lower the bus as appropriate for you to get on and off the bus.

Accessible Bus Requests

If you have a regular requirement for a wheelchair accessible bus on your service Compass Tours to register your request. Please provide your name, address, and preferred time of travel. Where possible Compass Tours will make every attempt to meet this request. If we are is not able to meet this request immediately we will endeavour to do so with future bookings.
Mobility Aids on our buses. 
Our accessible buses have been designed to comply with the national standards for mobility aids. Mobility aids that meet our specifications are welcome our vehicles. Please be aware that some oversized wheelchairs and scooters will not be able to board.

Transport NSW Community Bus Service

Transport NSW Community Services operate Community Bus Services for NSW residents who are isolated because of a lack of other viable transport options. For further information contact Transport NSW (02) 9268 2800 TTY service (02) 9268 2244 or go to their website www.transport.nsw.gov.au

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